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Feacal sludge treatment in a pit latrine in Ivory Coast with the National Society of the Red Cross

  • I. Experimental project in Ivory Coast in a school

          a. Place: Ivory Coast / Toumodi / School of Assounvoué
          b. Partners involved:

    • International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC),
    • National Society of the Ivorian Red Cross (CRCI),
    • Ivorian Department of Sanitation and Drainage (DAD),

         c. Duration of the pilot project   3 months, from September 2013 to December 2013   With further subsequent evaluations carried out in May 2015, and March 2017
          c. Results attested by

    • The National General Secretary of the CRCI: Dr. Nanan Kouadio, in May 2015,
    • The National WASH Manager of the CRCI: Jean-Claude Guede, in March 2017.

    II. Initial situation before project start

    • Number of users: 350 students a day,
    • Volume of the pit: 12 m3
    • 1 to 2 de-sludging operations per year,
    • Strong presence of bad smells and flies, inside and around the latrine

    III. Results from the assessment since October 2013 up to March 2017

    • No accumulation of faecal sludge,
    • Total absence of odour,
    • No fly presence inside or outside the latrine,
    • A presence of water of about 5cm in the pit.

    IV. Conclusion
    Since the end of the pilot project in December 26, 2013 (date of last seeding):

    • The pit has always remained stable, i.e. 0 cm of faecal sludge,
    • Total absence of smell and flies,
    • Very small volume of water in the pit,
    • No more de-sludging operation since October 2013 with a total coast saving of €600

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